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Which technology is better for me, Tria Laser or Elos Me?

First, it is important to know the difference between Laser technology and the Elos technology. It is not possible to compare the Tria and the Elos Me without understanding the differences between these two technologies first.


The TRIA laser uses a 810 nano-meter wavelength beam. The TRIA 4 X has 5 energy levels, from 7 Joules per cm² to 22 Joules per cm² . Joules per cm² is the way to measure the amount of light energy pulsed at the skin. TRIA has the highest Joules per cm² compared to all other home hair removal devices, but it can´t be used on medium dark and dark brown or dar skin and in blond, white or red hair. Why can´t be used on those tipes of skinks and hairs? Because with the laser technology (the same case worth for the IPL) the dark surfaces absorb more light energy than white surfaces, and they heat up. The laser hair removal works by targeting the dark melanin in the hair with the high energy of light beam which is not suitable for the skin tones before described. Regarding to the white, blond or red hairs, the laser can´t be transmisted through this kinde of hairs.


The Elos Me is using ELOS technology which is a combination of ELOS LIGHT and RF (Radio Frequency).

What is ELOS LIGHT ? The ELOS emmits a wide flash of bright light. The flash of light targets the dark pigment in the hair and heats it just like laser but its penetrates much longer than the laser, until 1400nm instead 808 nm. The ELOS has maximum optical energy of 4 Joules per cm² and is suitable for all kind of skins and hairs, including dark skin and blond, white and red hair. No any ather machine can do that.

The Elos Me is unique, because it has an FDA approval to be used on ANY SKIN COLOR! This is a huge benefit for those with darker skin tones, they can not use laser and they can not use IPL.

What is RF? The Elos Me has two RF bars at the side of the IPL window, these bars transmit a radio wave, which heats the heated hair. The RF is transmitted from one bar to the other when the bars are touching the skin. The bars conduct 5 Joules per cm².

The Radio Frequency is ‘color blind' and is not light energy so there is no risk to zap the dark skin.

In total, adding the ELOS power plus the RF power Elos Me can pulse 9 Joules per cm², of which 4 are with the flash of light and 5 are from the Radio Frequency.

Tria – Elos Me | Safety Features Compared

Both the TRIA and the Elos Me have FDA clearance! They were both found safe and effective by FDA reducing hairs permanently.

But because the TRIA uses laser, it has more limitation who can use it safely.

As explained above the laser targets and heats dark matter. If the laser light is projected at dark skin, it will zap and burn the skin. If your skin is dark, dark brown or black, then the TRIA is not safe for you to use. The TRIA is approved for those who have white to mildly tanned skin, and those who have dark hair.

If you have white, ivory, beige or light brown skin than the TRIA will be a better solution for you. With more light energy per pulse, you will see better results for permanently reducing unwanted body hairs.

If you have dark skin, Indian, Hispanic, African American, Middle Eastern or Latin skin color, the Elos Me will be the best and unique solution for you.The TRIA will not work, and if you try to hack it, you are risking very painful treatment and skin burn.

TRIA Safety Sensors Protecting You

The TRIA has a skin tone sensor at the bottom of the handle, you need to use it to unlock the TRIA before you begin to use it. The skin sensor checks to see that the skin is not to dark to treat with laser.

You should use
the skin tone sensor, on every body area you are treating to make
The tip of the TRIA has the skin-touch sensor which makes sure the tip is pressed before it emits laser. This is to prevent accidental pulsing of laser toward the eyes.

Elos Me Safety Features

It is not necessary any safety system by Elos.

Window of ligth or spot size of Tria 4x and Elos Me

The TRIA laser window covers 0.75 cm2 and the Elos Me 6 cm2. See the comparison diagram below between the TRIA and the iLuminage Touch covering treated skin.

TRIA laser vs iLuminage Touch window size compared 2


The devices for permanent hair removal of Tria and Elos Me are unique thanks to their exclusive technologies diode laser in one case and Elos + RF in the other. While the devices of other brands such as Philips and Braun are simply IPL, our Tria and Elos Me range, with its unique laser and elos + RF technologies, covers all the skin and hair type needs with the highest power and effectiveness of the market. .

Which of the two machines is better for me?

If you have clear or white skin and dark hair, then the TRIA would be better for you because of its incredible power for this type of skin and hair. On the other hand, if you have brown, medium dark or dark skin, or blond hair or white hair, then Elos Me will be the only and best solution for your needs, offering a power and effectiveness superior to other brands as well as an incredible speed for Do the treatment thanks to the large diameter of your lamp. It is worth noting that Elos Me is suitable for all types of skin and hair, so if in spite of having light or white skin and dark hair you prefer to use the Elos Me instead of Tria resigning some power because you have little time to devote to the session (your light window covers an area 8 times larger than Tria 4x) you will also get very good results.


Iluminage Tria Beauty 4x Infinity
Laser life span of 3 years. 10-year warranty. 90-day money back guarantee.

Laser Type: Diodo Laser. Laser Class: 1. Output Wavelength: 810nm. Maximum Power: 22 J/cm2. Battery Charger Imput: 100-240v -, 50/60Hz. 37va

Tria Beauty 4x
Laser life span of 3 years. 2-year warranty. 90-day money back guarantee

Laser Type: Diodo Laser. Laser Class: 1. Output Wavelength: 810nm. Maximum Power: 22 J/cm2. Battery Charger Imput: 100-240v -, 50/60Hz. 37va

Iluminage Tria Beauty 4 x Infinity + 10 year warranty (Unlimited shots guaranteed):

429€ euros - US$449 dollars

Laser Tria Beauty 4x:

331€ euros - US$399 dollars