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Elos Hair Removal
Biological Animation

Me Chic
Watch video to see how the Tanda Me Chic works.

Me Chic (Chinese)
Functioning of Tanda Me Chic in Chinese.

Elos Hair Remover
The benefits and functioning of Elos Me Epilator.


Me Chic
A Tanda Me Chic Video
Elos Me Smooth
How to use an Elos Me device

  Manual of the Me Sleek model available.

  Manual of the Elos Me model available.


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  The evolution of light technology for permanent hair removal.
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  Epilation times with Elos Me Epilators.
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  Elos Me for all Skin Tones  

What is me and what is my elos?

me is the machine. elos is the light technology used. Manufacturer uses the name me my elos (or me elos or elos me) to describe machine and technology.





if you find a lower price, we better it!

unlimited shots guaranteed. no replacement cartridge required



+ Free Goggles

+ Free Precision Unit for face

+ Free Worldwide Shipping

+ 90-Day Money Back Warranty

+ 10-Year Warranty (Register your warranty HERE)

Elos Me Super Touch Unlimited Black

(can be purchased apart or in pack)
(included for free)
(can be purchased apart or in pack)
  Precision Unit
(included for free)

Check all models:

The Elos Me Epilators

Professional technology for personal use
With Dual Energy RF + IPL + Universal voltage Permanent Hair. Reduction System is the only FDA-cleared technology for permanent results on all  skin tones and hair colors. Voltage: 110-220v. Works anywhere in the world. We include free the plug or adapter of your country. Description of the Elos Me epilators.

Main differences between our models:

Elos Me Infinity: Unlimited shooting and a 10-year warranty period. It can be used with an epilator or razor accessory and it comes with a precision unit for facial use. Ideal for family-use.

Me Sleek Infinity: Unlimited shooting and a 10-year warranty period. It can´t be used with the accessories and it does not come with the facial precision unit.

Rest of the models: Number of shots limited according to the quantity of pulses as is described in the website. They come with a 2-year warranty period.

Voltage: 110-220V

Light spectrum: 550 – 1200 nm

Total Power: 9J/cm2

Max Optical: 4J/cm2

RF conducted: 5J/cm2

RF Wave frequency: 6.78 MHz

Max Radiofrequency power: 5 Watts

Pulse Light repetition rate: up to 1.1 Hz (1 pulse every 0.9 second)

For all hair tones and skin colors, including black skin and white or blond hair.

The only device for home-use.

The only device in the market that shoots automatically without needing to shoot shot by shot. No longer is it necessary to calculate the treatment area!

When can I expect to see results using the me elos?

To ensure permanent hair reduction results you must follow the steps of 7 treatments with intervals of 1 week. After the first 7 treatments, treat your desired area only as hair appears according to recommended treatment times. As you progress – you will notice longer and longer intervals between these touch up treatments. This is a gradual and cumulative reduction. When hair does grow back between each of the treatments, there will be less of it, and it will be finer, lighter and slower growing.

Do I have to avoid hair removal methods that remove hair from root between session and session?

No. On the other hand, with the me my elos you can use the epilator option if you wish. This should be used simultaneously while treating the hairs with the me my elos lamp.

Immediately following treatment, your skin will appear smooth and hair free (we recommend you use the me epilator or shaver accessory for immediate results with no preparations required).

What is elos and why is it better than IPL or laser?

elos is the technology that me uses. elos provides greater levels of efficacy, superior levels of safety and user comfort, as well as far shorter treatment times versus IPL and laser. On the other hand, the me epilator is different from all others. Not only does the me work to remove your hairs long-term but also immediately! This is the first machine in the market to offer this fantastic and unique benefit.

How exactly is elos better than IPL or Laser? How is this machine better?

2010 Me My Elos First Generation 5,600 pulses

2011 Me Elos Soft/Smooth Tanda 120,000 pulses

2012 Me Elos Pro Ultra Homedics 150,000 pulses

2013 Me Elos Super Touch White 300,000 pulses

2013 Me Elos Super Touch Black 300,000 pulses

2014 Me Elos Iluminage 120,000 and 200,000 pulses

2016 Me Elos Soft 500,000 pulses

2017 Me Elos Super Touch Unlimited 300k

2017 Me Elos SLEEK
2017 Me Elos SLEEK Unlimited
2018 Me Elos Infinity



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