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How to use an Elos Me device

  Manual of the latest Elos Me model available.
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  The evolution of light technology for permanent hair removal.
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  Epilation times with Elos Me Epilators.
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  Elos Me for all Skin Tones  

  Lamp Cartridge of the Elos Me machines
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  Epilator for Elos Me machines
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  Shaver for Elos Me machines
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  Free Facial Precision Unit / Adapter included with some models. Shape may vary.  


elos me

What is me and what is my elos?

me is the machine. elos is the light technology used. Manufacturer uses the name me my elos (or me elos or elos me) to describe machine and technology.

I see many models of the " me my elos " machines, but don´t understand the difference between them....

You will find in our online store all models of the elos me epilators. It might look confusing, but it is quite simple. They are all basically the same machines with the main difference of:
• Design
• Lamp duration (can vary from 6,000 to 300,000 shots)

Some models may include a facial unit that makes the light beam smaller. This is for a better and more precise facial epilation. The lamps and accesories of the older models are different from those of the latest models, so please make sure to ask beforehand in case of doubt.

How is me my elos different from other permanent hair removal machines?

The next generation of hair removal is finally here… Beyond laser and IPL is the elos technology, a combination of the two!

What is elos and why is it better than IPL or laser?
elos is the technology that me uses. elos provides greater levels of efficacy, superior levels of safety and user comfort, as well as far shorter treatment times versus IPL and laser. On the other hand, the me epilator is different from all others. Not only does the me work to remove your hairs long-term but also immediately! This is the first machine in the market to offer this fantastic and unique benefit.

How exactly is elos better than IPL or Laser? How is this machine better?

The me elos is better for three main reasons: 1- Dual action: me offers epilator and shaver accessories to create a dual action hair removal device. While permanently reducing your hair growth with elos, me accessories immediately remove your hair. The me my elos is the only machine that requires no preparations, no pre-shaving, no gel system! 2- Not only IPL, but IPL + RF: The elos technology is totally new in the market for home-use. It combines IPL and bi-polar radio frequency. The rf energy is attracted to the pre-heated follicle (ipl-treated), heating it further and treating it, inhibiting hair re-growth. elos penetrates deeper into the skin dermis than ipl or laser, hence disabling the hair follicle.

What skin and hair tones can be treated with elos me?

The me epilator, using the my elos technology, allows treatment of all almost all hair colors including blonde and red (not too suitable for grey and white) and skin tones. Elos is not to be used for male facial hair. 3- Finally a machine that can be used for blond or red hair: Yes! The only machine to treat these colors of hair! If you have naturally blonde or red hair, to achieve maximum efficacy we recommend that me is used with the epilator attachment (sold separately). Do not use epilator accessory on the face.

How does me my elos remove hairs inmediately during treatment?
The me my elos machine comes with 2 accessories (sold apart): a shaver and an epilator, whichever you think is more convenient. As me passes over the surface, hair can be removed at the same time. No other permanent hair removal machine gives this unique benefit. Quite the opposite, other machines require that you DO NOT remove the hair from the root between session and session. This is a big problem for many people that are accustomed to waxing, tweezing or epilating to ensure smooth skin and longer-term hair removal than shaving.

Can me be used for blond or red hair?
Yes! If you have light blonde or red hair, other technology based hair removal systems are not effective. However with me, permanent hair reduction is now within easy reach. By using the optional epilator attachment (sold separately), you can enjoy the same benefits as other users. The epilator plucks the hair and creates microscopic damage to the hair follicle, creating a target for the elos pulse to actively treat the cells to prevent future regrowth. Important Note: If you have one of these specific hair types and do not use the epilator attachment, the efficacy of the elos technology is greatly reduced and a great number of treatments will be required. 

  Skin tones for Elos Me
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Do I have to avoid hair removal methods that remove hair from root between session and session?
No. On the other hand, with the me my elos you can use the epilator option if you wish. This should be used simultaneously while treating the hairs with the me my elos lamp.

Immediately following treatment, your skin will appear smooth and hair free (we recommend you use the me epilator or shaver accessory for immediate results with no preparations required).

How often should I use the me my elos hair remover?
Every week for 7 sessions. After that only maintenance is required whenever you see suitable.

  Treatment Times with My Elos Epilator
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When can I expect to see results using the me elos?
To ensure permanent hair reduction results (89% terminal hair reduction after 7 treatments) you must follow the steps of 7 treatments with intervals of 1 week. Sometimes more than 7 treatments may be required, depending on person to person. After the first 7 treatments you can treat your desired area only as hair appears according to recommended treatment times. As you progress – you will notice longer and longer intervals between these touch up treatments. This is a gradual and cumulative reduction. When hair does grow back between each of the treatments, there will be less of it, and it will be finer, lighter and slower growing.

What if I can´t treat the first 7 treatments exactly every week as indicated?
It is of extreme importance to follow the recommended treatment sessions. If used outside the indicated time-line, results may vary. If too much time passes between session and session, then go back to the week interval as soon as you can. Once hair re-growth is permanently reduced use the me for touch-ups as needed.

I used the me elos last week and still see hair...why could this happen?
This can sometimes occur as hair can be growing up to two weeks after your last treatment as the hair shaft is casted out from the skin. You will be surprised to see that it will actually fall out naturally. Another reason may be that the elos wasn´t applied to all areas and therefore that area not treated as should be. Remember to treat all areas according to the FULL time recommended. Please read the user guide carefully. Not all hair follicles in the skin area treated by the elos pulse can be successfully damaged in a given treatment since hair follicles are sensitive to thermal damage only at certain phases of their life cycle.

Is elos me safe?
Treatment with me is safe for home use as has been demonstrated through years of trial. elos technology is the combination of rf (radiofrequency) and ipl (intense-pulsed light). Using gentle pulses of these two energies enables better results with the highest level of safety and comfort. You will be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment. Developed by Syneron Medical, the world leader in professional aesthetic devices, and launched by HoMedics, this revolutionary technology is now available in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments. With over 3 million professional elos hair removal treatments performed nnually, elos is more than clinically tested, it is medically proven. 

Can I use me elos anywhere on my body?
You can use the me epilator anywhere below the neck and for some skin tones (skin tones 1 to 4), on the face is possible. Typically it is used to remove hair on the arms, legs, armpits, bikini area, legs, chest, abdomen and back. Remember to read the user guide before using the me. Not to be used on the male facial hair.

How do I select the right elos level?
Please check the user guide and the reference guide. If the treatment feels uncomfortable, reduce the elos level.

Is me my elos for men too?
Yes! me elos is intended for safe and effective use on both men and women. For men, please do not use on the face, only the body.

Does the elos me include shaver and epilator?
No. If you choose to use either or both of these accessories, they would have to be bought apart.

Do I have to use the shaver or epilator accesories of the me my elos machine?
No. The machine also works without these options. In this case please shave before treatment.

What about the Me Chic epilator?
The Me Chic is a compact hand held cordless system with the elos technology combining IPL+ RF. It effectively reduces hair on the whole body including face! The rest of the indications are the same as with all the elos me machines. This epilator does not include facial accesory to minimize beam.


Online Store


Important Notes

• me elos is a registered trademark of Iluminage ltd. - a joint venture between Unilever ventures and Syneron Medical ltd.

• You will find varios different models in our Online Store. Names vary according to country of distribution, and may be under any of the following names: Me Elos Super Touch - Me Super Touch Elos Tanda - Me Touch - Me Pro Ultra - Me Quartz - Super Touch - Me Touch Tanda, etc.

• Please know that the name is not of importance and can vary from country to country. What should be evaluated is is the duration of the lamp. Lamp duration can go anywhere from 5,000 to 300,000 pulses. The latest version is the black Elos Me (Me My Elos).

• We have no relation what-so-ever with

• We do not cover warranties for Ebay, Amazon or any other website that is not through


How does the hair removal process work with me elos?

When an elos pulse is emitted from the me epilator the energy is deposited in the skin, selectively targeting the hair follicle. If the energy reaching the follicle is high enough it permanently damages the hair follicle and that specific follicle that was damaged will not be able to grow hair any more. Not all hair follicles in the skin area treated by the elos pulse can be successfully damaged in a given treatment since hair follicles are sensitive to thermal damage only at certain phases of their life cycle.

What exactly is permanent hair reduction and how does the elos technology achieve it?

Permanent hair reduction means that when a follicle is thermally damaged it is not able to grow a terminal hair again. Because there are many millions of follicles that can potentially grow hair on the body, and since a significant portion of them is not at the right growth phase, it is not realistic to expect that every single follicle in the treatment area will be disabled. Moreover, many of the follicles in the skin don't have hair that is visible on the surface of the skin. These follicles have a much lower level of sensitivity to thermal damage so that even when they are exposed to the elos pulse they will not be disabled. These follicles have the potential of growing “new hair” later in time. Over several treatments with appropriate intervals, most of the follicles that cycle through hair growth will be affected by the elos procedure and will be critically injured so they are permanently disabled. It is important to remember that the body is converting these inactive or dormant follicles to grow later in life just as normal part of hair growth cycle or as a result of many factors: hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopause, disease or medications, obesity, or idiopathic causes.
This is why there can be no guarantees or promises of "all the hair gone forever" from a certain area. Follicles are closely intertwined with the skin and body response to internal physiological changes and follow a cyclical growth cycle. Every follicle destroyed will not grow back – your task as a me user is to destroy the majority of follicles with your me. Follow our treatment protocol and continue treating yourself with me until you are satisfied with the results.
See that you are treating each area according to the minimum times displayed in the User Manual and continuously glide on your skin following the elos pulses to destroy as many follicles possible.
Verify that you glide the applicator in a slow enough motion, so flashes follow each other and are not sporadically emitted on different spots of treated area.

How does the me my elos work?
The me elos is used like shavers or epilators. Glide it over your skin slowly. It is the fastest machine in the market.

How long does it take to treat each area with the me my elos?

Here are some examples:

Full body in 32 minutes. Full leg in 10 minutes. Underarm in 1 minute. Bikini area in 2 minutes. Male back in 12 minutes.

Do I have to calculate the treated spots and so on with the me my elos epilator as with other machines?
No. Just glide it over the area as you would with an epilator or shaver.

Does elos me work with pulses?
The lamp flashes pulses but you do not need to worry about that. Just let the flashes flash away while you glide the machine over the areas. If you are using the epilator accessory then it is easier to see where you have glided over for the hair will be removed inmediately. So, no need to calculate your position, wait for next pulse, draw grids, watch for overlaps, or concentrate. Allow 10 seconds to pass before returning to an area, if you see this is necessary.


What do doctors say about me my elos?
"me is a most effective at-home hair removal device existant at this time, which is suitable for all skin types and hair colors. Most of the patients achieve an average hair reduction of almost 90% after 7 treatments. This remarkable clinical result and the safety and ease of use of the device - offer a new approach for treating unwanted hair at home". - Dr. David Friedman, Dermatologist, Friedman Skin and Laser Center, Jerusalem, Israel

“With elos technology I can perform exceptional efficacious hair removal treatments with the greatest level of comfort. Unlike other hair removal procedures that only destroy the hair shaft, elos technology actually destroys the hair follicle, producing a faster, gentler and safer way to remove unwanted hair of the body areas. My patients are extremely happy with the results and they report effective hair loss!" - Dr. Francesca de Angelis, Plastic Surgeon, DE.A. CENTER - Laser & Plastic Surgery Clinic, Napoli, Italy

“The unique thing about elos technology is that it combines 2 different modalities, a light modality in conjunction with radio frequency. What this allows us to do is treat more and more patients of all skin types with very little down time. The safety level of this technology is unparalleled and it's something that we are very excited to be able to offer to our patients over the last several years.”- Dr. Vince Afsahi, South Coast Dermatology Institute, California , USA

Does me my elos come with a lamp installed?
Yes! A long-lasting quartz lamp is always included. The duration depends on the number of shots that come with each elos me lamp, from 6,000 to 300,000 shots. For reference, one complete body session requires around 6,000 shots, hence a 300,000-shot lamp would cover and exceed all your needs (approximately 12 years), as also an ideal option for whole families.

How do I know if hair removal with me elos is good for my skin type?
Up till now, hair removers in the market were suitable for skin types 1 to 4. With the unique and new elos technology, the widest range of skin tones and hair colors can be safely treated ALL skin types for the body and face.

Does me my elos hurt?
If you use the correct elos level for your skin tone and the instructions were followed, using me should not be painful. Start with the lowest level and gradually go up. Sometimes, a sensation of warmness or tickle may be felt. To get accustomed to elos energy, we advise that you make test flashes, using the lowest recommended elos level on any part of your body below the neck. Once you are comfortable with this you can increase the elos intensity setting. Do not stay in the same spot while treating areas. This could cause accumulation of heat and lead to burns. Do not use the me on tattoos or permanent makeup. Adding the epilator accessory to your me epilator might add a small effect of prickling pain similar to other epilators in the market.

Can I use the me elos on the face?
me is also suitable for removing hair on the face below the cheekbones by women with Fitzpatrick skin tones 1-4 (see chart). Elos Me is not suitable for removal of eyebrows or removal of facial hair by men. Existing facial hair should be no longer than 1mm before starting treatment. If necessary, wax, shave, trim or use a depilatory cream before treatment. If waxing, ensure you perform treatment immediately afterwards.

The Facial Accessory minimizes the light beam, allowing more precision for hair removal in the face.

After the first 7 treatments, how often will I need maintenance sessions?
Although it varies by individual, you can expect up to 3 months between treatments. As you progress you will notice longer and longer intervals between top-up treatments, the hairs will be fewer and fewer, and treatment times will become even faster.

How do I know when the cartridge (lamp) of my me elos needs to be replaced?
The machine will let you know when a new lamp (this can be bought apart later on) needs to be installed. This is an easy procedure. Take note though that the 300,000 shot lamp is estimated to cover 12 years approximately of treatment.

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