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Elos Hair Removal
Biological Animation

Me Chic
Watch video to see how the Tanda Me Chic works.

Me Chic (Chinese)
Functioning of Tanda Me Chic in Chinese.

Elos Hair Remover
The benefits and functioning of Elos Me Epilator.


Me Chic
A Tanda Me Chic Video
Elos Me Smooth
How to use an Elos Me device

  Manual of the latest Elos Me model available.
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  The evolution of light technology for permanent hair removal.
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  Epilation times with Elos Me Epilators.
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  Elos Me for all Skin Tones  

What is me and what is my elos?

me is the machine. elos is the light technology used. Manufacturer uses the name me my elos (or me elos or elos me) to describe machine and technology.





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Description: Elos Me Super Touch Dual Energy RF + IPL.



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