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Why Elos Me is superior than IPL or laser?

The Me Elos is superior than Laser or IPL due to these 6 main reasons:

1- Dual action: Elos Me offers epilator and shaver accessories to create a dual action hair removal device. While permanently reducing your hair growth with Elos, Elos Me accessories immediately remove your hair. The Me My Elos is the only machine that requires no preparations, no pre-shaving and no gel system!

2- Not only IPL, but IPL + RF: The Elos technology is totally new in the home-use market. It combines IPL and bi-polar radio frequency. The RF energy is attracted to the pre-heated follicle (ipl-treated), heating it further and treating it, inhibiting hair re-growth. Elos penetrates deeper into the skin dermis than ipl or laser, hence disabling the hair follicle.

3- For all hair tones and skin colors, including black skin and white or blonde hair.

4- The only device in the market that shoots automatically without the need to shoot shot by shot. No longer is it necessary to calculate the treatment area!

5- The treatment area covered by the Elos Me window is 8 times bigger than the laser machine’s window. The Elos Me has a spot size of 8 cm2 while the lasers usually have 1 cm2. The Elos Me makes an incredibly quick treatment possible thanks to the large diameter of its lamp.

6- The Elos light penetrates to 1,400nm while the laser penetrates to 800nm.

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